Whenever clients approach me to seek for advice on love and relationships, most of them inquire if there is such thing as a good luck charm for love. This is where I start to discuss another subject that fascinates me immensely – charms, gems and crystals.

It is notable that all crystals and gems have their own unique energies that can be used to strengthen and enhance your energetic vibrations.

There are some which are specifically suited to support love and romantic feelings.

Here are some of the most well-known gemstones that can be used to attract good luck in the love department.


Amber is considered as a good luck charm for romance, marriage and love. This gemstone is both calming and energizing and is believed to attract positive desires. It also brings forth energy associated with patience, sensuality, protection and personal healing.

Amber attracts marriage and love.


Opal is a gemstone that stimulates feelings of love, passion and desire. It attracts romance and triggers feelings of openness.

This means encouraging those who are wearing it to let go of their inhibitions so they can explore with their partner. It also attracts fidelity and loyalty when it comes to love and relationships.

Opal stimulates feelings of love and passion.


Garnet is associated with balancing energy and triggers love and passion. It also helps in achieving balance in one’s sex drive and sex hormones.

It is known as the lucky stone for love and positive energy because it eliminates past negative behaviors and improves self confidence.

Garnet is the lucky stone for love and positive energy.


Moonstone attracts love and is a common wedding present in history. Many people consider it as useful in bringing back together estranged lovers.

According to an Indian folklore, two people who are wearing moonstone during full mood can have chances of falling in love with each other.

Moonstone is believed to bring back together estranged lovers.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz relates directly to the heart chakra which makes it the stone that best represents unconditional and lasting love. Its gentle and feminine energy triggers love, passion, devotion and tenderness.

Many astrologists believe that Rose Quartz encourages the steady flow of self-love, romance and sincerity. So if you want to increase the amount of love in your life, this is the best stone to attract all the affection and compassion you will ever need.

Rose Quartz stimulates steady flow of self-love and sincerity.

Red Agate

Red Agate attracts stability, confidence and assurance in a relationship. It also helps in increasing the level of satisfaction in romance and eases away feelings of doubts and anxieties.

This stone creates a healthy balance in one’s root chakra which is beneficial during stressful and trying times. Red Agate also helps those who are wearing it to stay grounded and humble regardless of situation.

Red Agate stimulates and attracts feelings of assurance in a relationship.

I usually recommend my clients to invest on these stones to attract positive energy into their relationship and homes. The gems can either be worn or kept within a secure place to preserve their nature.