My passion for horoscopes, zodiac signs and astrology led me to psychic reading. And over the past 10 years, I’ve been dealing with different people in various situations.

Some are having trouble finding true love while others are seeking for assistance in searching for their soul mates.

And more importantly, there are people who ask for love advice and request for me to analyze their chances of getting back together with their estranged partners.

People usually come to me for love advice, to determine their compatibility with their partner or to ask about their soul mate.

Here is some love advice that I can share with you;

First, love attracts love. What you give is what will come back to you – perhaps not exactly in the way you expect it but love has its own way of manifesting its power into your life. The stronger you love energy is, the more intensely you may attract your one true love.

Second, true love doesn’t always manifest as romantic love. Sometimes, you can find true and unconditional love in the most unlikely persons in your life such as a colleague, casual acquaintance and friend, or even business partner.

Love is love regardless of how it manifests itself.

Third, your soul mate may not necessarily be your romantic partner or spouse. And not everyone ends up marrying their soul mate. In fact, your soul mate may be someone you haven’t met yet or someone who’s already in your life but is not meant to stay right beside you.

The idea of finding their soul mate is sometimes what keeps a person from finding love and companionship. So, just trust that you will find your soul mate in a place and time where the stars and destiny permit it.

Fourth, your love energy can be greatly affected by the past hurts brought about by unsuccessful relationships and heartbreaks. However, there’s always a way to bring it back or to recover its strength.

You just have to forgive yourself and your past relationship so you can move on. More importantly, it is important to let go of the excess baggage so you can rediscover love all over again.

Lastly, karma or your past negative actions that go way back from your past lives can have a negative impact on your present love life.

During psychic reading, I usually encourage my clients to allow me to read their past karma which might be the reason why love can be elusive to them.

Spiritual counselling and psychic reading allow me to interpret my client’s life, relationship and future.

Chat Line for Love, Sex and Relationship

For psychic reading and horoscope, I’ve launched my very own love chat line wherein clients can personally reach out and talk to me. Through my chat line, I can examine and interpret the future of my clients when it comes to love, sex and romance.

Aside from analyzing the zodiac signs and their compatibility I also provide the following services;

Psychic Reading: To spiritually enable my clients to discover their way to peace, happiness and love.

Spiritual Coaching: To help my clients change their lives for the better by getting rid of their bad and unhealthy habits.

Intuitive Spiritual Counselling: I combine my counselling ability and energy release techniques with my spiritual intuitive capability to get to the core of the problem and find an effective means to solve or get rid of it.

Past Life Readings: To make my clients understand themselves better particularly their fears, phobias, unexplained manners and addictions.

My intuitive ability allows me to understand my clients’ past lives and aspirations for their future. It enables me to interpret their actions and relationships in a more positive way.

Palm Reading (Photo Sharing or Video Chat): To analyze my client’s character or attitude and connect it with their future based on the lines etched on their palms.

For love advice and psychic readings, you may call my love chat line. Toll free number is 1-800-242-1434.