Hello readers! My name is Shirley Moss and I humbly welcome you all to nostradamusresearch.org!

In this website, I introduce myself and my strongest influencer. I am also sharing with you my practice as a psychic reader and passion over zodiac signs and horoscope. Allow me to give you a brief background as to how I got into this captivating and fascinating world.

Why Nostradamus Research?

Nostradamus Research is inspired by my greatest influencer which is Nostradamus.

At a young age of 12, I was exposed to his life, works and prophecies. I was greatly amazed by his ability and human nature that I slowly found myself immersing on astrology and zodiac signs.

As I started to research more about Nostradamus and his prophecies, I developed passion for psychic reading, predictions and astrology. I discovered my strong inclination in this field and I decided to study other sectors associated with extrasensory perception.

Astrology and psychic reading became my passion while growing up.

My Calling as a Psychic Reader

As I acquired more information from reading and attending psychic seminars and conventions, I gradually became more in tune with the concept of love, relationship and compatibility.

I was greatly fascinated with how two people can actually find affinity through their zodiac signs and discover their way towards lasting love and relationship.

From here, I immersed even more on the subject and enhanced my extrasensory perception to further dig deeper into the information that his hidden from the normal and typical senses.

And one thing led to another. People started to approach me and I did palm reading and spiritual counselling. As I gained more clients and became even more exposed to the world of psychic reading, I opened up my own love chat line number.

Over the years of studying and learning about zodiac signs and compatibility, I became more in tune with the concept of love and relationships and how two people can align at their best.

Chat Line for Love, Sex and Relationship

For psychic reading and horoscope, I’ve launched my very own love chat line wherein clients can personally reach out and talk to me. Through my chat line, I can analyze the future of my clients when it comes to love, sex and romance.

For love advice and psychic readings, you may call my love chat line. Toll free number is 1-800-242-1434.