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Ellic Paul Howe
Ellic Paul Howe

Some facts about Ellic Paul Howe
Ellic Paul Howe was born in London on September 20, 1910 and died on September 28, 1991. He was from Russian / Jewish origin. For several years, he studied history and national economics at the Oxford University. From 1934 to 1937, he studied the production of books and wrote publications on the history of book printing and book binding. From time to time in that period, he stayed in Germany, where he studied German printing techniques and typography and collected a various range of printed matters such as newspapers, police warrant posters and tram tickets.
In 1938, Howe joined the British Territorial Forces. In 1940-41, he was a sergeant-major at the Anti Air Craft command.
In September 1941, Howe wrote the article Political Warfare and the Printed Word - a Psychological Study. As a result, he was invited to join the Political Warfare Executive, an office which was occupied with psychological warfare and which was founded in autumn 1941 on the initiative of Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, under the auspices of the Foreign Secretary and the ministers of Economic Warfare and Information.
Due to his pre-war contacts in the world of publishing, Howe could make arrangements for the Psychological Warfare Executive to get paper and typographic material and the printing of propaganda material.

Nostradamus prophezeit den Kriegsverlauf
Nostradamus prophezeit 
den Kriegsverlauf

In the production of material for psychological warfare such as post cards, German supply cards and German stamps, Howe did the utmost to lay hands on that kind of paper and that kind of fonts which were as identical as possible to paper and fonts, used in Germany.
Howe also printed the brochure Nostradamus prophezeit den Kriegsverlauf, which presumably was spread in Germany in spring 1943, and about which he wrote in Uranias Kinder... that the author/astrologer Louis de Wohl was its principal author.[1]




Astrology in nazi-Germany; Nostradamusbrochures
After World War II, Howe wrote a large number of publications, which can be divided in publications on military history, occultism and typography. In the field of occultism and freemasonry, his publications about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn are well-known. On October 17, 1970, Howe was initiated as a member of the Saint George Lodge in Chertsey, Surrey.
Howe also deepened himself in the position of astrology and its practitioners in nazi-Germany. In connection with his research on the life and work of Karl Ernst Krafft (Basel, 1900 - Buchenwald, 1945) and basing himself upon an interview in 1961 with prof. dr. Hans-Hermann Kritzinger, who told that he knew Krafft quite well and in a certain was responsible for the fact that Krafft in the beginning of 1940 started working on Nostradamus by order of Goebbels, Howe described how dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels in autumn 1939 got the idea to use the Centuriën, the predictions of Nostradamus, for psychological warfare.[2]
Howes publications on astrology in nazi-Germany, the life and work of Krafft and Nostradamusbrochures cover a time span of about twenty years. In 1965, Nostradamus and the Nazis - a footnote to the history of the Third Reich, his first publication in this field, was published in London. Two years later, in 1967, the contents of Nostradamus and the Nazis - a footnote to the history of the Third Reich became part of Uranias Children - The Strange World of the Astrologers, also published in London. In 1967, Uranias Children... was also published in the United States. There, it was entitled Astrology - a recent History including the Untold Story of its Role in World War II. In 1976, a French translation of Uranias Children... was published by Lafond publishers in Paris, entitled Monde étrange des astrologues
In 1972, an extract of Uranias Children... was published, entitled Astrology and Psychological Warfare in World War II. In 1991, a Czech translation was published, entitled
Astrologická Válka - Využití astrologie v psychologickém boji za druhé světové války.
In 1982 Howe's The black game - British subsersive operations against the Germans in World War II was published in London. This book contained a.o.l information about the production of the brochure Nostradamus prophezeit den Kriegsverlauf. In 1983, the German translation of The black game... was published in Munich, entitled Die schwarze Propaganda - ein Insider-Bericht über die geheimsten Operationen der britischen Geheimdienstes im Zweiten Weltkrieg. Hans Jürgen Baron von Koskull was the translator; Howe authorized it and wrote some additions.
In 1984, Astrology and the Third Reich - a historical study of astrological beliefs in Western Europe since 1700 and in Hitler's Germany 1933-45 was published, the second, revised print of Uranias Children... In 1995, the German translation by Franz Isfort of Astrology and the Third Reich, entitled Uranias Kinder: Die seltsame Welt der Astrologen und das Dritte Reich was published in Weinheim. Isfort made some additional notes. Uranias Kinder... is used in the substudy "World War II".
The archives of the British "Warburg Institute" contains a file, which consists of working papers and correspondence of Krafft in the period 1929-1938 and correspondence by Ellic Howe in the period 1957-1964 about these documents. The post address of the Warburg Institute: Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AB, England. Details about the contents of this file and how to get access to it are described on[3]


Publications by Ellic Howe

The magicians of the Golden Dawn Le monde étrange des astrologues Uranias Kinder... Astrologická Válka


De Meern, the Netherlands, October 26, 2007
T.W.M. van Berkel
updated on September 14, 2008


The titles, places and year of issue of the mentioned authors are listed in the bibliography.

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