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The first marriage of Nostradamus
According to the Brief Discours, the first time Nostradamus married was in the period he lived in Agen and was befriended with Jules-Cesar Scaliger, physician and linguist. According to the Brief Discours, a son and a daughter were born. Their names are not known; some sources say that the wife's name was Andiette d'Encausse.[1] The wife and children of Nostradamus died very quickly, which made Nostradamus decide to retire in the Provence, his birth region.[2]

The second marriage of Nostradamus
In 1546, Nostradamus treated plague victims in Aix-en-Provence. In the course of 1546, he settled in Salon-de-Provence, a town close to Saint-Rémy de Provence, his place of birth, halfway Avignon and Marseille.
On November 11, 1547, Nostradamus married for the second time. His wife was called Anne Ponsarde (Gemelle), widow of Jean Beaulme. She was a niece of a notary.[3] 
In this marriage, six children were born.[4]


Madeleine de Nostredame
Born: ca. 1551
Deceased: 1623
Details: married with Claude de Pérussis. Son: Claude.

Cesar de Nostredame
Born: December 18, 1553 [5]
Deceased: around 1630
Details: 1598 and 1614: consul of Salon. 1604: married with Claire de Grignan. No children.

Charles de Nostredame
Born: 1556
Deceased: 1629
Details: February 17, 1588: married with Louise Becq. Daughter: Anne.

André de Nostredame
Born: November 3, 1557
Deceased: December 2, 1601
Details: December 14, 1587: setting in a monastery, friar's name: Séraphin.

Anne de Nostredame
Born: around 1558
Deceased: before 1597
Details: married with Pierre de Seva. Son: Melchior.

Diane de Nostredame
Born: 1561
Deceased: after 1630
Details: Baptized on September 8, 1561. Spinster.

Nostradamus died on July 2, 1566. His wife died on July 19, 1582.[6]


De Meern, the Netherlands, January 9, 2005
T.W.M. van Berkel


The titles, places and year of issue of the mentioned authors are listed in the bibliography.

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    In Abrégé de la vie de Michel Nostradamus (1701), Tronc de Coudoulet does not mention whether or not the first marriage of Nostradamus resulted in children. After the decease of his wife, Nostradamus returned to Aix (Tronc de Coudoulet, p.25). In Abrégé de l'histoire de Michel Nostradamus (1722), Tronc de Coudoulet writes that it was by the intervention of Jules-Cesar Scaliger that Nostradamus married a rich, honest woman of the city of Agen. Tronc de Coudoulet also mentions the birth of a son and a daughter and the decease of them and of Nostradamus' wife, after which Nostradamus decided to withdraw himself in the Provence region (Tronc de Coudoulet, p.63). [text]

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    In Abrégé de la vie de Michel Nostradamus (1701), Tronc de Coudoulet writes that Nostradamus had four children: three sons and one daughter. The oldest son, Michel, was the author of a treatise on astrology (Tronc de Coudoulet, p.25).  In Abrégé de l'histoire de Michel Nostradamus (1722), he writes that Nostradamus had seven children: four sons and three daughters (Tronc de Coudoulet, p.63). In this description, it is also mentioned that the name of the oldest son was Michel. Benazra has pointed out that this Michel, called Michel Nostradamus le Jeune or Mi. de Nostredame, was not a child of Nostradamus, but an imposter (Benazra, p.92-93). [text]

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