Lecture Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible

12th Autumn Astrology Congress, Oldenzaal, NL
November 3, 2002

Nederlandse versie

Autumn congress


Nostradamus, Astrology and the Bible
an investigation of his prophecies and letters

Since 1980, Theo van Berkel (10-7-1956, Utrecht, 6.30 a.m.) is in daily life dialysis nurse. He practiced astrology from 1982 until around 1992. He was a freelance correspondent of the astrological counseling office 'Gieles' in The Hague and the astrological magazine 'Sagittarius'. A couple of years he gave the calculation lessons for beginning practitioners of astrology. Besides editing articles, written by others, he himself also wrote a number of articles regarding calculating the horoscope, simplifying calculations, horoscope analysis and reviews of books and prediction systems.

For about twenty years, Theo is fascinated by the oeuvre of the physician/astrologer Nostradamus. Van Berkel discusses a number of astrological systems, applied by Nostradamus, and comes to interesting findings and conclusions which are sometimes very critical.  The results of this investigation are described in the manuscript 'Nostradamus, Astrology and the Bible'. Van Berkel had objections towards comparing the quatrains with the course of history. Often, the contents of the quatrains is too vague to compare them with history. Such a kind of investigation does not clarify his methods. If anyone wants to evaluate the value of his predictions, one should first establish his methods. Next, it should be possible to calculate years of fulfilment of quatrains the way Nostradamus did. Finally, the value of his predictions could be evaluated.

In this lecture, five topics are treated: 

  • The number of years of existence of the world.

  • The methods Nostradamus used while conceiving some predictions in the Epistle to Henry II.

  • The methods Nostradamus used while conceiving the quatrains.

  • The functions of the Bible.

  • The investigation of the quatrains.


The Autumn Astrological Congress takes place in the Netherlands, each year, around November.


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